Private Swimming Lessons


Here’s what Gilda’s clients are saying:

Gilda has been teaching my children for four years, and I cannot imagine a better teacher.  She is caring, professional, and extremely knowledgeable and serious about her work.  She is quick to assess each child’s personality and needs, and she makes learning to swim fun.

At age 6, my son had very limited experience in the water.  He started weekly lessons with Gilda and quickly gained confidence.  Now 10 years old, he is a very strong swimmer.  He’s very busy, but whenever there is a school holiday or summer vacation rolls around, he still asks for lessons with Gilda.  She challenges him with new skills and teaches him ways to improve his strokes, and my son always remarks at the end, “The lesson was too short!  I want more.”

My 5-year old daughter started with Gilda three years ago.  She loves lessons with Gilda too, but required a firmer hand than my son.  Gilda recognized this early on and set clear boundaries with her.  Also, my daughter feared the water much more than my son, but Gilda showed great patience and understanding.  With Gilda’s encouragement, my daughter now is very comfortable in the water, and she can swim a full lap on her front and on her back.  She has also developed discipline and an understanding that diligence reaps rewards.

Gilda is a truly excellent teacher and my children and I recommend her wholeheartedly.

– Susan L

My daughter, now 2.5, started weekly lessons with Gilda when she was 9 months old.  Gilda is a truly amazing teacher.  She is so gentle and kind and FUN – always singing songs and ensuring the children are happy and comfortable in the water.  As a result Reagan absolutely loves everything about swimming and “going under”.  She is always laughing and screeching with absolute happiness when in the water with Gilda.

It is so much easier to manage since I don’t need to get in the water and deal with both of us dripping wet – a huge plus for me especially when Reagan was younger.   Gilda was great at every developmental juncture, knowing just when to take her to the next level.

– Brooke

Gilda is an amazing instructor and master coach. I am over 21 and never swam before. Initially, I wanted to learn to swim so that I could augment my therapeutic exercise regime. However, I was terrified of the water.  Gilda patiently guided me through a progression of exercises that helped me overcome my fear. I was soon very comfortable and on my way to becoming an active swimmer.

Gilda is an amazing coach because she makes sure you attend to the subtle details regarding form and function.  As a result of her skilled instruction I am both a confident and elegant swimmer. Thanks to Gilda I swim for fun (I thought I would never say that).

– H. Gottlieb

After many swim instructors I became scared of the water from bad experiences.  When I found Gilda I was planning to call it quits if it didn’t work out.  But I ended up enjoying it and quickly advanced.  Now I am thinking of joining my school swim team.

– C. Gottlieb
11 years old

Gilda taught my children to truly swim. My children are very fortunate to have met her. Her professionalism, patience and teaching talents made all the difference to us.

The “learn to swim” experience my children have with Gilda is invaluable. They get a balance of going at their own pace and firm instruction from Gilda to perfect a stroke. Her constructive teaching approach has given my children the confidence to be comfortable in the water and it shows when they swim for sport and play.

– Margaret N