Private Swim Lessons Children

Ages 6 months and Up

All Levels, from beginner to advanced

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Gilda is a true child whisperer. I cannot recommend Gilda's lessons and approach highly enough.

As a private swim instructor, I am dedicated to providing the most effective private swim lessons for babies and children at all levels of swimming, from beginner to competitive. To my clients, I try to be a continuous source of information on how to keep their children safe in and around the water, what is the best teaching approach for each individual child, how swimming can become a life-long sport for children who want to pursue it at a competitive level.

A Unique Aquatic Experience

I strive to ensure that my private swim lessons are a unique aquatic experience for all my students. Here is how:

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My Mission

As a swim instructor, helping children mold into confident and skilled swimmers is my main mission and goal. Watching my students learn new skills or advance existing ones, be proud of their accomplishments and enjoy the water is the most rewarding part of my job.

Water Play

Child Centered Approach

I take time to connect meaningfully with each student and adjust my approach according to each child’s learning style. My private swim lessons are conducted in an environment of trust and respect with fun and challenging games, customized to each child’s abilities.


Overcome Fear of Water

Fear of water is handled with a warm and understanding approach, helping children find excitement in learning how to swim. Step by step, with lots of patience and creativity, fear goes away, confidence takes in, and little swimmers find the joy of being in the water and learning to swim.

Life Preserver

Confidence and Safety

Building children’s confidence is backed by a strong swimming foundation, so children feel like their abilities are improving and take pride in their hard work in the pool. They trust their instincts if they ever find themselves in trouble in the water.


Progressive Techniques

Children learn swimming and safety skills through play, praise and encouragement. Beginners lessons feel like a playdate in the water. Young swimmers learn advanced skills through a thoughtful approach and expert techniques.

Advanced Skills

Advanced Swimming Skills

  • At ProSwim NYC young swimmers learn advanced swimming skills that build a strong foundation that will last a lifetime, and will allow them to successfully join swim teams and to become fitness swimmers later in life.