Private Swimming Lessons

Private Swim Lessons For Babies And Children

Child learning to swim with Gilda
Child learning to swim with Gilda
Child learning to swim with Gilda

As a private swim instructor, I am dedicated to providing the most effective private swim lessons for babies and children. I travel to clients who have a swim pool in Tribeca (443 Greenwich street, 250 West street), or clients can travel to my Tribeca location.

As someone who has learned to swim at an early age and has made swimming a lifestyle, I encourage all parents to consider swimming lessons for their babies and children as early as possible. The health benefits of swimming, both physical and emotional, can be of great importance to a child’s development. By enrolling your child in swimming lessons, you will equip him with important life saving skills. Swimming is more than just a sport – knowing how to swim can save lives.

My love and expertise for teaching private swim lessons has earned PROSWIM NYC a reputation as the best learn-to-swim program for babies and children.

Child learning to swim with Gilda

At PROSWIM NYC, I strive to ensure that for children, swimming lessons are a unique aquatic experience.

Here is how:

  • As a swimming instructor, teaching children how to swim and watch them enjoy the water is the most rewarding part of my job. Molding them into confident, skilled and advanced swimmers is my everyday mission.
  • For beginner swimmers, lessons almost feel like a play-date in the water. With lots of patience and creativity, I include games, toys and songs as great tools for turning my non-swimmers into proficient swimmers.
  • Children swimming lessons are always conducted in a positive environment of trust and respect. During swim class, I introduce fun and challenging games that motivate, without being harsh or demanding to the child. Lessons are always customized to each child’s abilities.
  • At PROSWIM NYC, fear of water will be handled with a warm and understanding approach. One of my expertise is helping children overcome their fear of water and find excitement in learning how to swim. Step by step fear goes away, confidence takes in, and in no time my little swimmers find the joy of being in the water.
  • Child learning to swim with GildaThe hallmark of my teaching methods is proper instruction. At PROSWIM NYC, young swimmers will learn advanced swimming skills as a strong foundation that will last a lifetime, and will allow them to become fitness swimmers.
  • Children who take swimming lessons at PROSWIM NYC become excellent and accomplished swimmers. My progressive swimming techniques, combined with their hard work and determination, will help children successfully participate in swim meets, and succeed in their swimming careers.