Private Swimming Lessons

Learn to Swim Philosophy

My goal at PROSWIM NYC is to make learning how to swim fun and easy. My private swim lessons are meant to ensure the finest aquatic learning experience. For children and adults who learn to swim at PROSWIM NYC, swimming does now feel like second nature.

Due to a professional and experienced approach to teaching swimming, PROSWIM NYC has been talked about as the best learn-to-swim program for private swimming lessons in New York City. The methods of teaching I developed and I efficiently use provide swimmers at PROSWIM NYC with one of a kind instruction and lifelong results.

The key elements that set PROSWIM NYC apart from other swimming schools and make it the most effective learn-to-swim program are:

  • Each swimming lesson is tailored in accordance with the uniqueness of each student
  • By building a positive relationship with each client, PROSWIM NYC brings out the swimmer in children and adults alike
  • Babies and children learn basic swimming skills, as well as water safety skills, the best possible way – through play, games and songs, praise and encouragement
  • Young swimmers learn advanced swimming skills through a thoughtful approach and expert swimming techniques
  • Adult swimmers gain a better understanding of the hydrodynamic principles of swimming, and will master all swimming strokes and techniques
  • Triathletes, competitive swimmers and children who aspire to join swim teams are coached with excellent instruction that will bring remarkable results.