Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do I need flotation aids such as Noodles?

    Noodles are a great teaching tool: children learn to balance in both horizontal and vertical positions, noodles do not restrict the arm movements, they provide confidence and independence in the water and they help children learn correct swimming techniques. Using the noodle under the armpits is a great practice for learning to swim in a horizontal position. Straddling the noodle is a great practice for treading water. Placing the noodle on the back helps children learn the back skills. We suggest you purchase two noodles in case your child needs more support in the beginning stages. When using two noodles at the time, place them under your child’s armpits – not on the waist or on the back. Supervise your children carefully so they don’t fall off the noodles. Avoid prolonged use so as not to create dependency.

  • What about Kickboards?

    Practicing with the kick board helps children improve their kick, streamline their body position and help coordinate the leg action and breathing. Introduce the kick board only when your child has already become comfortable in the water. Using our “Teach Your Child to Swim" course methods, children start practicing with kick boards at Level 2.

  • Should my child wear goggles?

    Goggles protect eyes from chlorine and make looking underwater fun. Swimming with goggles helps children concentrate on correct technique and swim underwater longer. To avoid creating dependency on goggles however, practice opening eyes underwater without goggles as well. We prefer the clear goggles rather than the tinted ones, so children can see better under the water.

  • What will my child learn from your swim course?

    The short answer: your child will learn to be water safe. Throughout the way to our ultimate goal, to help your child become water safe, your child will learn many basic swim skills and will achieve different milestones: master breath control in the water, learn to float on the front and back, learn to tread water, swim and come up for breath unassisted and many more.