Private Swimming Lessons

Private Swim Lessons Fitness and Advanced Swimmers


Adults must have access to a private swimming pool. No availability for adult lessons at the moment.

ProSwim NYC swimmerIf you are a fitness swimmer, you already know that swimming is nearly the most complete form of exercise.

I will help you sharpen your stroke technique, and give you tips on improving your body position, balance and rotation.

Soon, you will be able to detect and correct the errors in your technique by yourself and will learn that your swimming style is good when it feels easy.

My progressive workout plans will help you stay fit and healthy, shape your body, and increase your muscle flexibility without the risk of injury.



When training clients that compete in triathlons and swim marathons, my teaching philosophy is that only with the proper technique and the right form they will get to swim better and faster.

Quite often swimmers, when training for competitions, assume that the only way to get faster in the water is to swim more and more laps. They work hard and they hope this will improve their time. My thorough swimming experience has taught me that not only is this difficult and exhausting, but in the end you will realize that you have spent all your energy without really making any progress.

This is why, when coaching competitive swimmers, I focus on perfecting stroke mechanics and helping the swimmer understand the principles of hydrodynamics necessary to swim efficiently.