Private Swimming Lessons

Private Swim Lessons in New York

Location: Tribeca & The Hamptons

Private swim lessons for babies, children and adults at all levels of swimming in NYC (Tribeca and The Hamptons). Gilda Dobrica is one of the most sought-after private swim instructors. Her unparalleled methods of teaching bring outstanding results with each client. Gilda teaches in Tribeca NYC all year round and travels to The Hamptons June-August.

Gilda is also the creator of Teach-Your-Child-To-Swim™, the first ever created e-learning course, addressed to parents who want to help their own children learn to swim and be safe in the water.

Gilda is a truly excellent teacher! The learn-to-swim experience my children have with Gilda is invaluable.

Private Swim Lessons For:

My private swim lessons for babies and children are conducted in a fun, loving atmosphere. I travel to the client’s pool in Tribeca (443 Greenwich St, 250 West St), or clients can travel to my location.
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Swimming lessons for Adult Beginners

Private swim lessons for adult beginners focus on overcoming fear of water and teaching basic swimming skills. Adults must have access to a private swim pool. At beginner level, swimming classes will help adults relax and enjoy the water, and become confident swimmers.

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Swimming Advanced

My private swim lessons for advanced swimmers and fitness swimming will improve your technique, perfect your stroke mechanics, increase your muscle flexibility and help you stay fit and healthy. Adults must have access to a private swim pool.
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Gilda is an amazing instructor and master coach. I am an adult who never swam before meeting Gilda. I am now a confident and elegant swimmer.