Swimming Lessons for Adult Beginners

Swimming Lessons for AdultsSwimming Lessons for Adults Beginners I teach and train adults at all levels, from beginners, to fitness swimmers to triathletes. My lessons are designed to help them all become successful in their individual swimming goals.

It is not uncommon for adult non-swimmers to develop a fear of water. Usually this is caused either by a bad experience, or by not knowing how to remain in control when they are in deep water. My focus is to teach my students where the panicking feeling in the water comes from and how to overcome this fear. Beginners learn breathing and balance, how to relax in the water, how to master basic skills and stroke techniques.

My goal is to help my students become confident swimmers, to motivate them to include swimming in their weekly routine, as a wonderful and challenging workout. For them, swimming is not a struggle anymore, but a great way to improve their aerobic endurance, and increase their strength and stamina.